Value of the Project
£ 1.25 M 2022-12-14T11:40:57+00:00

SPV Special Projects have recently undertaken the roofing and gutter works at Co-op Distribution Centre, Wellingborough

The works were completed in November and December 2021, 2 weeks ahead of schedule. SPV made the utmost efforts to ensure that no disruption was caused to the depot, which houses co-op perishable food goods and operates on a 24- hour basis. 

The SPV Foreman liaised with the Depot Manager and Maintenance Manager on a daily basis to ensure smooth delivery of the works. 

Due to the weather conditions throughout the project, the team swept the gutters each morning of all the water, ensuring that one person was based inside the building to avoid any disturbance. A full design scaffold was erected to ensure safe access to the building. A Unifold gutter lining system was installed to the 2 no valley gutters – each one being 200m long and extremely deep. 

UNIFOLD® is the supreme gutter lining system manufactured from the highest quality materials with a life span in excess of 50 years. 

UNIFOLD® is manufactured from an EPDM membrane which is pressure bonded to a galvanized and organically coated steel substrate. During the bonding process the hinges are formed that give the product its unique flexibility and ability to enter the most difficult of gutter cavities and to maximise the available space. 

Any Gutter Lining System must be able to correctly address the problems with which it is faced and to be able to provide a true, quality assured solution for all variations of gutter design, both past and present. Experience has shown that UNIFOLD® is completely versatile and is able to replicate existing systems with consummate ease.


  • A Double Sealed Joint – for total integrity 
  • Unique Hinge System – to allow ease of installation even in the most difficult circumstances 
  • Maximises Space – even to increase existing capacity 
  • UV Stable – EPDM is totally resistant 
  • Salt Water Friendly – can be used in saltwater environments
  • Factory Manufactured Fabrication – a full suite to suit all circumstances 
  • No Disruption – installed without disruption to processes beneath 
  • A 30-Year Guarantee on Materials, Manufacture and Installation – it is guaranteed it will not leak

SPV also completed the liquid roofing works to the plant room roof. The plant room roof was suffering from leaks all over causing issues for the depot. 


We cleaned off the existing roof and prepared this, then applied a high-performance liquid roofing system to the area to seal and waterproof. The liquid system was an ideal solution in this area, given the amount of detail works required round the plant. 

We also applied the liquid system over the flat plate once installed into the gutter to give it more strength. SPV delivered this with a collaborative approach between the SPV team, scaffolding contractors, and Mace the project managers with regular meetings held on site to review progress, quality and delivery. All works were completed within agreed budgets and timescales.