SPV special projects and juniper training were honoured to attend the Youthbuild young builder of the year awards today

The awards ceremony which was held at the House of Commons on the 18th October celebrates young people working in the construction industry from disadvantaged and challenging backgrounds.

The charity engages with employers and organisations in the construction industry to offer work opportunities to disadvantaged young people .

The awards showcase and highlight the benefits of supporting, training and mentoring young people from 14 to 25 interested in construction.

We were delighted that Jack Lal and Kai Newhall were not only named as finalists but also acknowledged in the highly commended category.

Jack is a roofing apprentice at SPV special projects who completed his level 1 in construction qualification with juniper training and is currently completing his level 2 in sheeting and cladding.

Kai completed his level 1 in brickwork, is due to complete his level 2 in warehouse operations shortly and is then due to start his part 1 and part 2 scaffolding qualification 

Both individuals are huge assets to SPV special projects and are a credit to themselves. Their hard work, determination and dedication to their studies and work led to their acknowledgment in these fantastic awards.

The day was one of inspiration and celebration showcasing some amazing stories and young people. 

Well done Jack and Kai. Amazing and well deserved achievement.