Intrusive surveys Division

The Ivor Parnham Intrusive Surveys Division can offer our Clients full internal and external building surveys to understand the makeup and complexity of the building

These surveys can be assisted alongside the Client or standalone with a full report issued upon completion

We work alongside professional building surveyors, engineers and building owners to access any areas of buildings they need to see in a safe way, with safe access, using skilled and qualified workmen.

We can help assist building owners understand if the building has been built properly and to the correct building regulations. We can remove and reinstate panels or brickwork to expose evidence of building defects, and gain all the information required to report on building conditions and provide a full photographic report on completion.

The surveys can be done with the Client in attendance or standalone where we can open up various area of the building as requested for observation and evaluation.

We can provide all access equipment including scaffolding, mobile towers and mobile elevated work platforms to undertake the surveys and we have a large range of plant and equipment to assist with all types of surveys.

The surveys are important for building owners who may be considering a change in use of design of the building to appint as they can assist their understanding and future plans.

Surveys take between one and three days to complete depending on Client requirements.

Type of Building surveyed

  • Hotels
  • Residential Accommodation
  • Student Accommodation
  • Residential to Student change in use
  • Commercial Buildings

Each survey will identify the existence
or non-existence of cavity barriers, fire stopping, compartmental
fire breaks and the current cladding panel system.

2 types of survey

External or Internal Wall survey

These surveys can establish wall build up and expose fire breaks. Various methods of access will be used to undertake these surveys. Since the Grenfell disaster, the ESW1 survey has become essential to understand the performance and safety of buildings. We can assist professional surveyors and building engineers to understand the make up of the building by removing reinstating the materials as if it has never happened!

Endoscopic Survey

Endoscopic surveys involve drilling a small hole in the side of the wall and putting a camera through to find and highlight any defects and understand wall build ups. This allows the building owner to get a specific understanding of the building make up, whilst causing minimal damage to the existing building.
After drilling, the hole is filled with a matching finish. Reports can be issued on completion



Our team have a wealth of experience of undertaking these surveys for a range of clients including Valour Hotels, Holiday Inn Hotels, Realstar Group and Crowne Plaza Hotels to name a few.


All our staff hold CSCS Card and are trained in pasma, Ipaf and working at height.

Safety first

Rams are provided and approved by the client prior to the survey being undertaken.

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