Value of the Project
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Phoenix Consortia completed phases 1 and 2 of the Four Seasons Shopping Centre, Mansfield project in 2018 and 2019. 

All works were installed in accordance with Polyglass instructions and codes of practice. The project involved stripping the existing waterproof layers and wet screed down to deck, as well as removing redundant concrete plinths. We also primed the deck before installing a Polyvap metal lined vapour barrier. We installed foam shield T tapered insulation, cold bonded in Adepur S PU adhesive to the vapour barrier. 

After this, we installed an intermediate layer of 3mm thick Reoxthene Bitulight sanded underlay by torching. This was then followed by the installation of a top layer of Polyshield TS BBA approved tweed brown mineral. The project also involved removing existing barrel roof lights and replacing with new ‘mansafe’ polycarbonate barrel units. 

As can be seen by the photos, this was a very intricate and detailed job as the roof housed a number of heating units and air conditioning units as well as gas pipes and roof lights. All the detail works were carefully waterproofed as per manufactures instructions and while the roof was leaking in a large number of areas when the works commenced, they are now experiencing no leaks at all. This was difficult to ensure as much of the plant in the roof was old and had been poorly positioned. 

Due to the size of the roof (2400 metres) and the sheer number of rolls of felt required, all Polyglass roofing felt was lifted onto the roof to avoid manual handling.

“Whilst the project posed a number of challenges for Phoenix Consortia, the professionalism of the whole workforce involved, together with first rate client liaison and project planning, ensured that the new system was installed with no undue disruption to the shopping centre. The standard of workmanship is some of the best I’ve seen in my 25 years’ experience of flat roofing works.”

Peter Baker Polyglass

The 12-month long project additionally incurred no accidents, near misses, or RIDDOR reportable incidents throughout with the Centre Manager commenting:

“Phoenix Consortia performed exceptionally well throughout this 12-month contract. We did not experience any disruption to the shopping centre and I am delighted that all the leaks have been resolved.”
Centre Manager